Martin’s Story

South Sudan is home to a diverse population, representing more than 60 tribes. For generations tribalism has divided these groups and their communities, destroying relationships and perpetuating cycles of violence. But Martin Inyani, OneTribe Peace Leader and pastor of Pagirinya Baptist Church, sees the transformation that God is bringing through OneTribe's Radio Peace Program.

"I feel deeply inside my heart and spirit to change myself and my community," says Martin. "At first I share with my wife and my family and they understood the true peace of Christ. I reach with this message to my neighbor and churches and they understood. I speak about peace at home or in public - and I love it."

Martin regularly leads peace workshops with neighboring church and community leaders, which represent at least 6 different tribes. After listening to a OneTribe radio peace episode, participants break out into small group discussions and further explore the meaning and dimensions of peace together. Local people are then challenged to take what they've learned and practice peace in their lives and communities.

"I am so happy with this program...this is what people of Oliji need," says local pastor, Taban. "As a church we have been praying about who could stand alongside us to share the message of peace with this community. I hope many will be reached."

The OneTribe Peace Program is a series of 52 radio drama episodes available in 5 languages that explore the meaning and many aspects of a God-centered peace. The program addresses topics such as forgiveness, reconciliation, the destructiveness of tribalism, diversity, trauma, and more. If you'd like to join our journey to bring this program to war-impacted communities like Martin's, click "Donate" below.