Radio helps make an end to war and promotes peace within divided communities.

OneTribe radio episodes explore and advance lasting peace.

The OneTribe radio peace program is empowering millions who have survived
civil war and violence with a vision of God-centered peace by exploring truths
connected with the meaning and dimensions of peace.  

As the radio drama episodes unfold, topics like transforming conflict, ending
cycles of violence, human dignity, diversity, equality, justice and peace, peace
and human rights, the power of hope, embracing forgiveness, lamenting pain and
injustice, healing from trauma and journeying toward reconciliation and much
more are explored. The listening community becomes engaged in practicing
peace-as- action that promotes healing, hope and newness in relationships. 

We believe lasting peace is the way forward in divided communities such as
South Sudan. Empowering local people to etch out, own and practice a God-
centered peace they grow from grassroots-up can transform relationships,
communities, nations.

Listen to some Onetribe radio episodes broadcasted in south sudan.

Why Radio?

War-impacted communities such as South Sudan and its border regions may be undeveloped and mainstream media is typically unavailable.  Yet millions of people have access to small, handheld radios which are fix-tuned to existing radio towers around South Sudan and throughout various refugee settlement camps.  This has greatly accelerated growth, traction and accessibility of the OneTribe program to a vast population in regions beyond South Sudan and within the nation itself.

OneTribe People Building Peace OneTribe Radio 7.jpg

How it Works

Through OneTribe radio broadcasts, local people in war-impacted communities begin exploring, practicing and building upon local peace, a peace that leads to wholeness, healing, unity and well-being amongst people and communities.

OneTribe drama episodes are first recorded in the United States using voice talents of actors and actresses who have relocated from various East and Central African nations. Topics explored include the meaning of peace, transforming conflict, ending cycles of violence, choosing forgiveness, paths toward reconciliation, peace with God, gender equality, human rights, the power of hope, healing from trauma, protecting peace and many more.

Besides recording and production in the English language, we are working with African partners to translate OneTribe episodes into several other local languages.