OneTribe empowers local people in divided societies to build a God-centered peace from grassroots-up.


Changed hearts and minds lead to lasting transformation...


Our story begins in South Sudan – arcs outward to its border regions then stretches beyond into other African nations impacted by civil war and violence.

When South Sudan became a nation in July 2011, it seemed a time to heal and rebuild this country torn by decades of war and division.  Empowering local people to lift themselves out of poverty seemed to mean working with leaders to address critical matters such as access to clean water, female health and economic opportunity.  These were indeed valuable first steps.

But when South Sudan returned to war in December 2013, it became clear to us that although these steps were invaluable and necessary, a God-centered peace was essential to the survival of this country. And such a peace needed to be etched out from within, highly accessible, adaptive and easy to put into practice.

OneTribe offers local people in divided societies a roadmap from violent conflict toward a future of peace and opportunity.

Sustainable, thriving societies have at their foundation an understanding of, and commitment to, peace.  And when divided societies begin grasping and practicing peace principles, relationships, communities and nations are transformed.