“My name is Cristine.* I am from Rwanda, and am here to give the powerful testimony and how the OneTribe radio station has saved me. My parents and my six siblings were slaughtered by a machete by one young man in 1994 when I was only 4 years old. I went to sell some goods at the market only to come and find the whole family dead. I had to run for my life. I stayed in an orphanage until when I was 20 years old. After that I became independent and lived in my own. In my whole life I have crying and wanting to know the killer of my family. Life has been so hard for me without my family around.

Six months ago I started dating a certain guy. He proposed marriage to me and then I had to tell him about everything about me before we get married. I told him about my family, he immediately started crying and walked away running. After he had 14 sleepless nights, he decided to confess to me. He confessed that he was the killer of my family, I was so shocked, I fainted and lost my memory for 3
weeks. After I regained my memory I went and buy a gun, I wanted to finish his whole family too. But before doing that, I contacted my friend Julia, who works with OneTribe program and told her what have been happening and what am about to do. She advised me not to revenge but to forgive. She sent my some radio recordings called the OneTribe, it was about peace and forgiveness, the words in the recordings are very powerful; it gave me the
courage to forgive the killer of my family. It was really hard but I made peace with them he asked for forgiveness, I forgave him and peace reigned. We just got married last Saturday and we are one happy big family.

Am so thankful for Julia and for this wonderful radio program. Please keep it up and alive. I shall testify and share this to the world.”
— Cristine *Name has been changed / from Rwanda
The program teaches us to choose peace even when other people are not interested in making peace with us…I also came to know that peace starts with few before others join after seeing its positive impact.

I took part in several bloody battles back in South Sudan, some of the battles were provoked by slight anger which could have been peacefully sorted out—-OneTribe broadcast has now taught me not to revenge anymore or take away people’s lives because we have different opinions
— Mario / ex soldier living in Uganda
OneTribe program has empowered me to listen to the ideas of other people even when they are not similar to that of mine as an elected leader.

I can vividly recall that, I have personally participated in cattle rustling in South Sudan which resulted to continuous clashes but after listening to the OneTribe Episodes, I am now a reformed person who will not take part in such illegal activity which causes anger and bloodshed.
— Mr Wilberforce / community youth leader, Adjumani refugee camp
We might have encountered series of obstacles with our family members, friends and neighbors but the program has taught me that God want us to change our lives and love one another regardless of our personal differences.
— Ms Harriet / South Sudanese refugee
Back in South Sudan we were once recruited to go and attack innocent people which sometimes turn bloody but after listening to the program on the radio I immediately denounce such evil acts here in my new home.

I currently have endless care and love for humanity, regardless of race, gender and religious attachment.
— Mr Michael / Adjumani refugee camp
So many people have violated my rights as a school girl including people who are meant to take care of us, but after attending to your program I have now have hope in me and I have learnt not to revenge against people who have wronged me.
— Angela, 19 years old/Adjumani refugee camp

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