Irene’s Story

Irene Mutonyi knows firsthand the challenges that come with monthly menstruation and lack of access to female hygiene products. This, combined with her passion to mentor and support other women and girls, has made her a phenomenal leader in our Rejoice program as Rejoice Coordinator.

Irene shares that "for generations, girls and mothers have suffered due to lack of pads since there is no money to buy them every month. Sometimes we've been ignored by our parents and we end up disliking ourselves during this time. We used to see menstruation as a punishment."

But OneTribe's Rejoice program is changing how women and girls view their bodies.

Offering both female dignity and economic opportunity, Rejoice empowers and trains women and girls to sew washable sanitary pads and liquid soap. Led by local leaders in their communities, these women and girls gain skills that equip them to address their own monthly needs, alleviating the ongoing burden of purchasing disposable pads. They also are empowered to financially support themselves and their families. Reports from the ground indicate an increase in girls staying in school in response to Rejoice.

"With Rejoice sanitary pads, I can go anywhere and walk freely without worries of being embarrassed," shares Jessica, OneTribe Peace Leader in the Pagirinya Refugee Resettlement Camp. "I can finally have peace of mind."

Rejoice doesn't stop there, though. Women and girls who attend Rejoice workshops also listen to OneTribe's radio peace programming, which sparks conversations about forgiveness, reconciliation, the destructiveness of tribalism, diversity, God-centered peace, and more.

"OneTribe has made life easier for women of Pagirinya," says Irene. "They have respect for one another because they share their issues and advise each other. Many women now feel dignified. Long live OneTribe for the peace programs that have brought love, sharing, and reconciliation moments to many families."