How We Work

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Local Partnerships that Equip and Empower

Peace Workshops

OneTribe is all about relationships. We partner with leaders at multiple levels in war-impacted communities. We hold workshops where friendships are built, peace principles from the OneTribe program are discussed and methods of implementation are explored.

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Peace Education


Student Training

OneTribe is also available  as curriculum for the classroom. We meet with and train local educators who then teach the OneTribe material to their students.


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Dignity and Opportunity through Washable Sanitary Pads

OneTribe comes alongside local people in practical ways through projects like Rejoice, our training initiative that empowers women and girls to sew washable sanitary pads. Access to education and sustainable opportunities helps transform female life – and as girls and women learn new skills and female health information from local trainers, they rise to become leaders in their schools and

Pivotal in our process is providing sustainable ways for girls and women to address monthly menstrual cycles that often mean they cannot attend school or pursue viable work. Washable sanitary pads are game changers in this equation and equipping women and girls to sew their own pads imparts dignity. It also offers life-changing skills that are being creatively adapted for use in many other